There’s a Price You Pay For a Good Looking Yard

First day of bite

So, a few weeks ago I noticed two ticks on me.  One on my hand between my index finger and middle finger and one tick on my foot between my big toe and second toe.  Not exactly sure how the tick on my foot got there since I was wearing tennis shoes and socks.  However, I wasn’t wearing pants nor long socks.  (Apparently, wearing long pants and socks are the key; according to B.) Anyway, I got them both off of me and didn’t think anything of it.  But then I developed this rash on my foot where the tick had been.  At first I thought it was a staph infection because that’s what I had a few weeks ago due to the Humira (my Crohn’s medication.)  My doctor had put me on antibiotic and told me to use Lamilisil, which I did.  So, I automatically assumed the infection developed again, just on my foot this time.  Well, it didn’t go away and then I decided that I got bit by a tick.  I used all kinds of creams and washes and the bruise wouldn’t disappear.  The bruise began to grow and then I could hardly walk because of the swelling and pain; I tend to diagnose myself a majority of the time. After 5 days of pain I decided to go into the doctor.  She took a look at my foot and then told me it wasn’t a tick bite, but it was a spider bite.  Apparently tick bites don’t hurt.  Spider bites tend to bruise, hurt, swell, and streak.  So, after I got bit by the spider the tick must’ve fed off of the bite AHHHH! Makes me cringe just thinking about it.  So, she has me on doxycycline, which is a potent antibiotic used to treat bacterial infections.  I took this antibiotic in 2006 when I had a swollen lymphode.  Unfortunately, the doxycycline fueled my Crohn’s disease and this is the first time I’ve taken it since then.  So, wish me luck!  Here are some pictures of the bite!  Sooo disgusting!!

Last pic before going to the dr.

Flavor Ice helps with the pain 🙂

More Landscaping and Drywall

A lot has happened since my last post.  I removed rocks that had been residing in the garden and we also had some family friends help us with laying out weed preventive plastic.  The place is slowly looking better!

B also ripped out all the drywall in the garage.  He then painted the garage to get rid of the musty odor in the garage.

Here is B ripping out drywall in the garage.

More trash

All clean!!

B bought this trailer so we could transport more scraps to the dump.  We filled that baby up!

While B worked on tearing out the drywall I made sure to take all the rocks out of the garden.  After I got rid of the rocks I was able to start laying out the plastic.  We bought our weed preventive plastic from Home Depot, called Fabriscape.  3×100 ft worked well for us.   To keep the plastic is place we used sod pins, which are easy to use.

Here are some of the rocks I had to get rid of before laying the plastic out.

B had removed the holly bush that was next to the light so I could lay out the plastic.  It was very doable.  I know absolutely nothing about gardening or laying out weed preventive plastic. So, if I can do it you can, too!  All together it took us 2 days just to remove the rock and lay out the plastic.  We’d like to do the other side of the stairs, which I think I will start this weekend if the weather is nice!

It’s starting to look great!  I can’t wait to share with you my next post!! Let’s just say it’s the price you pay if you want a nice yard! 🙂

Starting with the Landscaping

This picture was taken the day we closed. (May 2nd.) You’ll notice the over grown plants, shrubs and trees that haven’t been touched in over 2 years!!  That Friday, May 4th, B started tearing down all the drywall in the garage, which is going to be his workshop.  My job was cleaning up the landscaping.  […]

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A Little About the Property

1,445 sq ft 3 bedrooms 1.5 baths 1.07 acres Built 1978 The property is located in Clifton, Virginia. It has a bit of a contemporary feel, which is what we would like to carry on into the inside, as well as, “freshen up” the outside.  No one has lived in the home for 2 years […]

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First Time Home Owners!

My fiance and I just bought our first home together about two weeks ago, May 2, 2012.  We bought a foreclosure, fixer-upper on 1.07 acres in Clifton, VA.  And when I say fixer-upper, I mean FIXER-UPPER.  Walls need to be torn down, mold has taken over, bathrooms need to be ripped up, floors need to […]

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Hello world!

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