First Time Home Owners!

My fiance and I just bought our first home together about two weeks ago, May 2, 2012.  We bought a foreclosure, fixer-upper on 1.07 acres in Clifton, VA.  And when I say fixer-upper, I mean FIXER-UPPER.  Walls need to be torn down, mold has taken over, bathrooms need to be ripped up, floors need to be replaced.  It needs a head-to-toe renovation.  You couldn’t pay me to sleep in the place. In fact, while renovating I won’t even use the restroom.  I drive the 7 minutes to my parent’s home and back.  When you see the photos you’ll understand.

Our plan is to fix this baby up and move in by the end of October. My fiance, Brandon, is a contractor and will be doing a majority of the work himself. Brandon (Or B, as I call him) works full time for himself renovating others homes. He’s the perfect man for the job!

I’ll help out where I can.  As well as, my parents, Mary and Larry.  We have no experience in this stuff so we will stick to the landscaping for now or until B tells us otherwise.  He calls all the shots!

We’re so excited to share our renovations with all of you.

Most of all, we hope to inspire some of you out there.  Renovating and creating something into yours isn’t easy.   And when you add everyday obstacles it may seem impossible.  But it’s not.  You’ll learn of all of the hurdles we come along during this journey.  And believe me, there are some pretty big hurdles!  We want everyone out there to know that whatever it is you want to do, it’s doable!


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