There’s a Price You Pay For a Good Looking Yard

First day of bite

So, a few weeks ago I noticed two ticks on me.  One on my hand between my index finger and middle finger and one tick on my foot between my big toe and second toe.  Not exactly sure how the tick on my foot got there since I was wearing tennis shoes and socks.  However, I wasn’t wearing pants nor long socks.  (Apparently, wearing long pants and socks are the key; according to B.) Anyway, I got them both off of me and didn’t think anything of it.  But then I developed this rash on my foot where the tick had been.  At first I thought it was a staph infection because that’s what I had a few weeks ago due to the Humira (my Crohn’s medication.)  My doctor had put me on antibiotic and told me to use Lamilisil, which I did.  So, I automatically assumed the infection developed again, just on my foot this time.  Well, it didn’t go away and then I decided that I got bit by a tick.  I used all kinds of creams and washes and the bruise wouldn’t disappear.  The bruise began to grow and then I could hardly walk because of the swelling and pain; I tend to diagnose myself a majority of the time. After 5 days of pain I decided to go into the doctor.  She took a look at my foot and then told me it wasn’t a tick bite, but it was a spider bite.  Apparently tick bites don’t hurt.  Spider bites tend to bruise, hurt, swell, and streak.  So, after I got bit by the spider the tick must’ve fed off of the bite AHHHH! Makes me cringe just thinking about it.  So, she has me on doxycycline, which is a potent antibiotic used to treat bacterial infections.  I took this antibiotic in 2006 when I had a swollen lymphode.  Unfortunately, the doxycycline fueled my Crohn’s disease and this is the first time I’ve taken it since then.  So, wish me luck!  Here are some pictures of the bite!  Sooo disgusting!!

Last pic before going to the dr.

Flavor Ice helps with the pain 🙂



  1. House looking good, foot- not so much. Glad you’re better. Let’s be honest…4 popsicles is child’s play. 10 a day to reap the healing benefits.

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