Starting with the Landscaping

This picture was taken the day we closed. (May 2nd.) You’ll notice the over grown plants, shrubs and trees that haven’t been touched in over 2 years!!  That Friday, May 4th, B started tearing down all the drywall in the garage, which is going to be his workshop.  My job was cleaning up the landscaping.  Talk about a lot of work.

I should tell you all that I have Crohn’s disease, which is an autoimmune disorder that affects the GI tract.  I’ve had it since 2006 (diagnosed first with ulcerative colitis at 17 and then diagnosed with Crohn’s at 19 when I developed a fistula.) I’ve had a hell of a time with it since.  Unfortunately, I have an aggressive case and take 8 pills a day (which is good; I used to take easily 12.) and a shot.  I’ve also had numerous surgeries related to fistuals and have had over 4.5 ft of large intestine taken out!  I bring this up because some days I struggle just to do normal everyday things.  B does this work everyday for 8 hours a day and then goes to the gym.  The most activity I get is 2 hours at the gym and that’s usually it, unless I run errands.  I’m exhausted a majority of the time and have to rest constantly.  So, me tackling the job of pulling plants, and digging for 4 hours a day was/is exhausting!  Anyway, enough about the Crohn’s…

This is a picture of the slate stepping stones up to the stairs of the house.  You can see the crazy weeds that infested the area.  I handled that, though 🙂

We honestly had no idea the path was even that wide! There was only room for a single person to walk through.  Now two or three people could walk up.  You’ll also notice that we cut down the shrubs to the left (near the house) and I ripped up all the overgrown weeds, and plants.  Already looks better!

Here is a better picture.  Now we have to remove the rocks outlining the slate path.  We are still trying to decide what kind of plants and flowers we would like.  For now we are just ripping all the old out and starting new!

Bushes are not easy to take out.  Especially when they’ve been there since 1978.

Lots and lots of digging.  I would say I did this for a good 4 days, at least.

Pulling weeds.

More weeds.

We certainly can’t forget the leaf blowing.  2 years worth of wet and heavy leaves.

Here is my father, Larry, helping us rake leaves.  Never seen so many leaves in my life!



Took about a good 4 days to get to this point.  We still have a lot of work ahead of us!  Next up, weed killing and pulling up the last of the roots.  But for now, my next post will be pictures of B removing the drywall in the garage!



  1. Wow! Already tons of improvement. Luckily, our new house has no bushes that need to be uprooted, or weed covered stepping stones, but I definitely want to build two stone or brick outlined planters in the front of the house.

    Good job so far! You guys are making a lot of progress!

    • hahaha you’re so lucky! I’m totally over weeds! My hands were killing me! Not to mention we have a ton of ticks in the area. I found 2 on me 2 weeks ago! Scared the crap out of me and I hate insects and spiders, snakes, etc. I can’t wait to put flowers in and a vegetable garden, I just have to focus on clearing the area hahaha Thanks for all the comments!

      • Eww! I am no fan of any insect whatsoever, and I have heard that ticks are going to be super bad this year!

        That’s another thing I am so excited about, a garden!!!! Ahh, the endless possibilities

  2. You and that yard are lookin GOOD!

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